Márquez Concrete Construction began in 2019, when our owner joined his work experience, resources and ideas to start with the operation of the construction works on his own, with more than 15 years of experience in the construction area Francisco Marquez Know each of the operational needs of both end customers and internal staff. Providing confidence and skills, Marquez Concrete has been synonymous with trust for our employees, being a company that started from scratch has always had as a number one priority the well-being of our staff.

The company is composed of aggressive and highly experienced individuals who have been successful in this field of construction, with satisfactory performance of duties and services in their early stages of employment. The company believes that it has the ability to manage foundation construction through collaborative ideas and experience in construction operations and guarantees the ongoing training of new collaborators until they are highly qualified. At Marquez Concrete, we have the motto: “If I can, I will help you. If I don’t know, I will teach you. But if you don’t want to learn, don’t waste my time.

Márquez concrete construction is very optimistic in providing its clients with its bestperformance in construction works and other related activities.